A Valuable “How To”–Filling a Beer Tube

Next week we will be exhibiting at the Nightclub & Bar Trade Show in Las Vegas. It’s an opportunity for Beer Tubes to introduce (and demonstrate) the table-top beverage dispenser concept to new customers and to meet up with existing customers to gain valuable feedback on how Beer Tubes are driving their draft beer profits.

We’ve done many trade shows over the years, and one of the most commonly asked questions (right behind, “How does it stay cold?”…which is a topic we’ll tackle in the near future) is, “How do you fill these things?” Our answer is simple…fill it just like you would a pint glass. Tilt the dispenser at an angle to avoid excessive foam and simply add the beer.

Some of our customers indicate that they experience excessive foaming when filling the Tubes. The first place to look is the temperature of the beer. The optimal temperature for STORING draft beer is 36-38 degrees and the optimal temperature to SERVE it is 38-40 degrees. Beer that is too cold when being poured can cause excess foam. A previous blog post highlights the importance of temperature when storing/serving draft beer.

Some additional suggestions when trouble-shooting a foam issue are to double-check the pressure settings for your draft beer dispensers and be sure that your beer lines are cleaned properly. High pressure and dirty beer lines = foamy beer!

Another potential problem area is the cleanliness of the tubes prior to filling. Beer Tubes that have not been properly cleaned can cause foaming issues. Likewise, Tubes that have not been rinsed properly (and still contain soap residue) can contribute to an improper fill. Here’s a useful tip: Many of our customers have indicated that rinsing the towers with clean water prior to filling helps reduce foam.

So while we’d love to see all of you in Las Vegas to talk Beer Tubes, if for some reason you can’t make it feel free to visit our website (beertubes.com) and check out this video that demonstrates the proper filling technique. Our site is full of valuable training materials that can be used to get your staff up to speed on the proper uses of the Beer Tubes product.


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