Beer Tower Adds to Viewing Experience

As football games become more important and viewership increases in bars, we wanted to share The Seven Commandments of Watching Football in a Sports Bar from It’s a little dated (from 2008), but it’s relevant enough to revisit. Our favorite? #4 Thou Shalt Not Quote ESPN. That’s a rule that should be in effect anywhere!

Now that the fans are readay…is your bar ready for some football (and beer)? How about MMA (and a tower of beer)? Hockey (and Beer Tubes)? Seeing a trend here? As a bar owner you’re well aware (or should be) that customers coming to your place to watch sports are valuable customers. Why? They tend to stay longer and spend more on food/beverage. Creating an enjoyable experience for your customers is what the bar business is all about (or at least it should be), because in today’s highly competitive environment, customers have many choices and the smallest detail can mean the difference between them spending money at your place or at the competitions.

Are your customers having this much fun?

A beverage tower can add to the customer experience by offering an interesting and fun way to enjoy a cold beverage. The visual impact of a tower of beer is immediate. When customers walk through the door, a Beer Tube WILL get noticed. A seeing other parties enjoying a 100 oz. tube of beer immediately gives them the idea that they too can enjoy a Tube with friends. In general, customers like decisions that are easy. What type of cheese do I want on my cheeseburger? Easy. Do you have any beer specials (Yes! Beer Tubes are only $15!)? Easy decision. These “easy” decisions add up to a positive customer experience. On the other hand, if they have to WAIT for a cold beer or ask the staff to put the game on the television (or worse yet there aren’t televisions in the bar), these create a negative experience.

In this world of instant gratification and social media enabling customers to instantly become critics and share their experiences (both good and bad), it’s as important as ever for bars to focus on the customer experience. If it’s good…you will reap many benefits. If it’s bad…you will be chasing that lost revenue until you get it turned around. So pay attention to the details and make the experience a good one.


The Beer Tubes Guys

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