Beer Tower for the Craft Beer Drinker

We are always looking for new and exciting uses for the Beer Tube and our friends at Craft Beer Time recently provided some insight for craft beer drinkers wanting a unique way to share their concoctions. While many of our customers will share their ideas for utilizing Beer Tubes at a party (and even share stories–and photos!), lately we’ve noticed a growing interest from craft beer drinkers and home brewers on how they can put a beer tower into action. The Craft Beer Time blog post offers a unique perspective for the home user and offers a great suggestion for home brewers–feature your homemade brews at parties by filling a Beer Tube and making it the “feature brew” of the party.

Our Beer Can design can even be customized with your very own label. Just imagine your very own beer served from a 100-ounce dispenser sitting in a beer can base that has your custom label on it. Talk about a cool way to share your home-brew!

And as pairing craft beers and food continues to gain popularity, beer towers also offer a great way to showcase beers while allowing any number of guests to sample each beer with a specific food. This idea can even be utilized in the bar/restaurant world using special menus and/or craft beer tasting parties. Another trend that we’re hearing more about is infusing beer with various ingredients to produce unique flavors. Some of the items being infused into beer include hops, fruit, peppers, coffee beans, and cinnamon.

The Beer Tube’s versatility allows it to be utilized in bar/restaurant as well as at home, especially for brewers looking to share their homemade suds with friends. And don’t forget that Tubes aren’t just for beer! Many of the best party ideas we’ve heard involve specialty mixed and/or non-alcoholic drinks. Anytime you’re hosting a large group, whether at home or in a bar/restaurant, a large capacity beverage dispenser is the ideal way to keep everyone’s drinks filled.


The Beer Tubes Guys

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