Beer Tubes – Cleaning and Maintaining During The Holidays

We know the holidays can be overwhelming at times. Party planning, gift buying (Beer Tubes for everyone!), cooking feasts, and coordinating out-of-town guests can really eat away at your time–time that is already a precious commodity for a bar/restaurant owner. And during busy times (both during the holidays and throughout the year) it can be easy to overlook proper maintenance and cleaning of your Beer Tubes. However, it is an important part of the process that will insure your Beer Tubes function properly and maintain their captivating appearance. The good news is that it is not very hard to clean your Beer Tubes and, in fact, it is downright easy!

The Beer Tubes come in three main parts: the tube, the tap, and the base. These parts are all removable which allows for easier and more efficient cleaning practices. We’ll give brief bullet point list of steps you will need to clean each one. Keep in mind that you can find a more detailed video and PDF on our website here.

  • Base
  1. Wipe down bases with a food safe detergent and water to remove spilled beer or egg nog
  • Tube
  1. Fill tube partially with water and detergent
  2. Shake tube to move the cleaning elements around the entire tube
  3. Pour some soapy water through the tap and the remainder out of the top of the tube
  4. Rinse with clean water
  5. Pour some clean water through the tap and the remainder out of the top of the tube
  6. Dry the tube by hanging it on the specially designed Beer Tubes Drying Rack
  • Tap – Note: While the tap gets cleaned during the tube cleaning process, it is also recommended that the taps are cleaned periodically on their own. You can review these detailed instructions on cleaning your taps.
  1. Remove the taps from the tube
  2. Scrub the inside of the tap with a cleaning brush
  3. Soak in a bucket with water and detergent overnight
  4. Rinse with clean water
  5. Dry taps with paper towel or cloth

Beer Tubes is committed to providing our customers with the proper tools and educational materials to clean and maintain our product. This is why we offer our own cleaning products, incluing a cleaning brush, cleaning powder (1lb & 5lb), and a drying rack. We feel these are the best options for our clients and wanted to make sure these great products are readily available for them to help maintain their profitable Beer Tubes program. And during this busy time of year, we hope that you are able to take a little time for yourself to enjoy the holidays.


The Beer Tubes Guys

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