Education Key to Effective Beer Tubes Program

We hear all the time about how important education is for long-term career success--and the same holds true for the long-term success of a restaurant.  A recent article from Business Insider cites a study from The Ohio State University that puts the first-year failure rate of restaurants at 60%, so you’d better be ready for the challenge. 

Obviously starting (and keeping) a restaurant requires a smart and well-executed plan.  At Beer Tubes, we have taken this philosophy and applied it to our business plan objective of educating our customers about “The Beer Tubes Experience” to cultivate, grow and maintain long-term mutually beneficial relationships.  That’s just a fancy way of saying, “Listen to us and you’ll make more money!”

Instead of simply selling our products and providing a few instructions on how to put a Beer Tube together, we’ve taken the extra steps of developing educational materials and videos on the proper ways to fill, clean and customize our table-top beverage dispensers.  We strongly feel that our customers will be more successful  utilizing our product to increase draft beer sales if they take the time to teach their staff this valuable information.

If you’ve made the decision to invest in Beer Tubes as a tool for increasing draft beer sales, it’s important to know that we’re available to assist you in developing and maintaining your program.  We’ve designed all parts of the Beer Tube to be interchangeable--meaning if you ever need to replace a tap or tube, you can order them a la carte without requiring an entire unit to be purchased.  

In addition, we offer a complete line of accessories--including cleaning powder, cleaning brushes, drying racks and replacement taps--to make it convenient to keep your Beer Tubes clean and in the proper working order.  We believe that taking the time to educate yourself on all aspects of an effective Beer Tubes program will result in long-term profits for your bar/restaurant.


The Beer Tubes Guys

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