Happy Holidays with Beer Tubes & Gamers

It may be too late for beer drinker gift ideas, but the college football bowl season is upon us and we all enjoy a cold drink with our football. Sure, you could drink out of a plain boring pitcher or glass–or you could be EXCITING and really live on the edge! This year, be the man (or women) of the house with a Beer Tube or Gamer Home Team Beverage Dispenser! The quality design of this unique beverage tower will really set off the drinking experience for any bowl game this year. Whether you like your drinks mixed or straight, alcoholic or non, our beverage dispensers will provide a convenient centerpiece for your bowl game viewing parties. Beer Tubes are also great ideas for bachelor parties, holiday gatherings and gift giving as well.

If you are looking to root for one specific team this bowl season checkout The Gamer. This hot new beverage dispenser can be found at bigfantailgating.com. The Gamer is an NCAA licensed beverage dispenser that is perfect for any upcoming bowl game parties and will prevent you and your party goers from having to get up in the middle of the game to get more drinks! Available teams include Ohio State (sorry, no bowl game this year), Michigan, Auburn, Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma, LSU, Notre Dame (limited quantities…wonder why?), Georgia, Florida State, Penn State, Florida, Wisconsin, Nebraska, West Virginia, and Texas A&M. These products are made with the same durable high-density 3mm co-polyester material that Beer Tubes are made from, so you can trust that it’s durable and food safe.

Still not sold? Well maybe you’re a craft beer aficionado and would prefer some of the specialty holiday brews. We found a list on the Weekly Pint that can help you muddle through the holidays with a tasty seasonal brew in hand.

From all of us at Beer Tubes, have a happy (and safe) holiday!


The Beer Tubes Guys

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