How Does Your Beverage Tower Measure Up?

You get what you pay for. It’s a common adage that holds true when looking at products used in bar/restaurants. Some owners choose to buy cheap and replace often. Others will invest in a higher quality product now and benefit from a lower maintenance cost over time. When it comes to Beer Tubes, we have always held as a core principal delivering the highest quality beverage tower product on the market. We feel that by offering the most durable product possible, our customers receive the maximum value from the table top beverage dispenser concept.

One of the main components of our quality products is the material from which the tubes are made. Originially we used a poly-carbonate material that although strong and durable, had minor issues maintaining its clarity over time. Long-term, repeated use sometimes resulted in a “cloudy” look to the tubes. So while they lasted a long time, they lost their luster before their functionality.

This valuable feedback from our customers led us to do some additional research on finding a tube material that could withstand the rigors of constant bar/restaurant use while maintaining its appearance. Our answer came from a specialty chemical company called Eastman who developed a copolyester product called Eastman Tritan TX-1001. This material provides strength, clarity, durability and is BPA-free. Tritan proved to be a perfect fit for the Beer Tube.

Why is this important? Because we think you deserve the very best product available and pride ourselves on delivering that to our customers. That’s why we’re the industry leader in providing high-quality table top beer towers and why Beer Tubes is the product of choice for major breweries, restaurant chains, and bars/restaurants. We’re not in this to sell you a cheap product once. We’d rather develop a long-term relationship and help you implement the Beer Tube concept effectively, thus resulting in long-term benefits (and profits!) for you–our customers.


The Beer Tubes Guys

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