It’s Germ Season, So PLEASE Clean Your Beer Tubes!

It’s all over the news these days…cold, flu, sickness, germs. And it’s very important to keep those germs out of your Beer Tube so your customers can have peace of mind that their dispenser doesn’t come with a flu bug. People in close proximity (i.e. a bar/restaurant) combined with lots of touching/sharing is a dangerous combo for passing around cold/flu germs. And while we’d like to think that everyone washes their hands in the restroom, the sad fact is we’ve all seen it skipped.

By the way, this article from Grub Street highlights a point that should be obvious, but is often overlooked–a clean bathroom can be your most important marketing job. Your goal of generating repeat business can be directly affected by the cleanliness (and perceived cleanliness) of your bar/restaurant, specifically glassware/dinnerware and yes, restrooms.

So while we can’t prevent the common cold (or clean your bathrooms for you), we can offer some excellent tips on how to clean your Beer Tubes. Here is a video showing the proper technique for cleaning a Beer Tube. Try it and your customers can be assured that their beer is being served germ-free and full of fun!


The Beer Tubes Guys

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