Love (of a Tube of Beer) is in the Air

What does love have to do with beer? An interesting question that the Beer Tubes Guys decided to tackle.

Beer can be a social beverage…sharing a beer with friends or enjoying a concert/sports event with a beer. And in many cases it’s at a social function that we meet our boyfriends/girlfriends. Sometimes this even results in a “love connection.” To sum up: Beer = Social = Love

So let’s apply a little high school math to make our own love connection. Remember the transitive property? Refresher course…if A = B and B = C, then A = C. So let’s apply this and see what we get. Beer = Love Now we’re talking!

And what day celebrates expressions of love? Valentine’s Day, of course. If you’re lucky enough to have a true love on Valentine’s Day…congratulations. If you haven’t quite found “the one” then don’t worry. True love is out there…sometimes you just have to look for it. (But if you can’t find it by February 14, try these tips from on being single on Valentine’s Day.)

But if you’re not quite ready to express your love for somebody, then it’s okay to explore your love of beer. Just remember that both pursuits should be done with responsibility. Sharing a Beer Tube with friends on Valentine’s Day is a perfect way to celebrate the concept of love without the committment. You can even take photos and post them on numerous social media sites without having to worry about whether the beer tower will call you for a second date. What if beer’s not your thing? Then mixed drinks work just fine when served from a beverage tower.

In reality we don’t know too much about love (or math), so we’ll stick to what we do know…enjoying cold draft beer with friends from a beer tower. It’s one thing we do love…on Valentine’s Day or any other day.


The Beer Tubes Guys

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