Spring Cleaning with Beer Tubes: Simple Steps to a Fresh Beverage Dispenser

With the first day of spring soon approaching, it’s time for some spring cleaning! Beer Tubes would like to remind you of the importance (and simplicity) of cleaning your beer towers. The following link is to an instructional video on the proper steps to keep your Beer Tubes clean, in great condition and ready to make your customers’ experience more enjoyable.

Video: How to Clean Your Beer Tube

Cleaning Instructions:

  • Always remove the tube from the base before cleaning. Please note that the base can be cleaned separately with any normal, non-abrasive household cleaner and/or soap and water.
  • It is important to remember to twist the tube when removing it from the base. Simply hold the base with your arm, then slowly twist and lift the tube from the base.
  • The recommended cleaning method is to add approximately 30 oz. of soap and water to the tube, then replace the lid and gently shake the tube to coat the inside. Open the tap and allow the soap/water mixture to empty.
  • Next, fill the tube with clean water and repeat the above process of shaking/emptying the tube. We recommend using the 36 inch cleaning brush we offer as the standard method of cleaning.
  • When drying the tube, be sure to leave the cap off to allow air to ventilate through the tube. If placing the tube upside down to dry, do not cover the entire opening—lean the tube at a slight angle to allow for proper ventilation.
  • The taps can also be removed and cleaned periodically using a soap/water solution. The Beer Tubes Cleaning Powder can also be used on the taps. Simply soak the taps in a container with warm water and the cleaning powder.
  • Although these are the basic measures to help promote the longevity of your tube – each customer can determine the methods that work best for them.
  • NOTE: Cleaning this product in a commercial dishwasher may cause damage to the product. The extreme temperature of the heating element in commercial dishwashers may cause parts of the Beer Tube to become damaged.

Properly training your staff on the cleaning procedures for Beer Tubes will contribute to a long-last (and profitable) product for your bar and make your customers happy. We call that a “win-win.”


The Beer Tubes Guys

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