When Shopping for a Beer Tower Seeing is Believing

When thinking about serving beer from the tap, traditionally there has not been too much emphasis on the vessel being used to serve the beer to the customer. Your choices were basically a pitcher or a pint glass. Well, things have changed. And now you have an extensive array of serving options, including Beer Tubes, growlers, snifters and various sizes and shapes of steins. Each dispenser is tailored to a specific function, whether it’s serving a Oktoberfest lager in a classic handled glass beer stein, or serving a large group their own table top beer tower.

Enjoying The Beer Tubes Experience!

With so many new options in the marketplace, bars and restaurants have to do their homework on the best options to offer their customers. Often this includes relying on the expertise of their beer distributors to inform them of what’s new in the market. As the beer tower concept continues to gain popularity, we are often contacted by potential customers (as well as beer wholesalers/distributors) that have either seen the concept in another bar/restaurant and/or had customers inquire about table top beer dispensers.

One of the key concepts involved in effectively utilizing Beer Tubes to increase draft beer sales is taking full advantage of the “wow factor” the product creates. And the best way to fully comprehend that concept is to see it in action. It’s what we refer to as The Beer Tubes Experience. As a full Beer Tube is delivered to a table, other customers will notice and want to get in on the action. Standing over 3 feet tall, the tower of cold beer is more than a serving vessel–it’s also an attention-grabbing centerpiece that enhances the customer experience. That’s some powerful stuff! And it’s also a giant leap from the traditional plastic pitcher that was filled and set unnoticed on the table.

So our suggestion for learning more about how Beer Tubes can affect your business is to get out and try one for yourself. And if you can’t find a bar/restaurant that serves Beer Tubes in your area, just give us a call and we’ll let you know where you can tap into a Beer Tube!


The Beer Tubes Guys

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