Why Interchangeable Parts are Good for Beer Tubes

We recently received a phone call inquiring about the price for a replacement Beer Tubes tap. Now while this isn’t an odd request, the story behind it certainly is. This individual was enjoying a cold beer tower with friends and the tap handle “accidentally” broke. The bar manager informed the customer that they were responsible for replacing the entire Beer Tubes unit–you break it, you buy it!

The quick thinking customer saw the product name on the Beer Tube and used their cell phone to go to www.beertubes.com and found that because the product featured interchangeable parts (tube, tap, and base), a replacement tap was all that was needed. A few days later the bar received their new tap and the tube of beer was ready for action.

Now while this story ended with all parties being satisfied, we recognize that it doesn’t always work like this. Often the bar staff learns that something is broken after the fact and has no idea who was responsible. And sadly enough, not everyone is honest when it comes to breaking things that aren’t theirs. Didn’t those people learn anything in preschool?

That’s why Beer Tubes has always made every product with interchangeable parts. Any tap fits any tube and any tube fits any base. That even includes the two versions of taps that we offer (standard vs. commercial) as well as the different types of tubes (Tall Tube vs. Super Tube). And with over 25 different base versions available, it’s important for our customers to know that when they invest in a Beer Tube they can deal with replacing broken parts without having to purchase entire units. This helps keep the maintenance costs down over time and adds to the profitability of the product.

In the bar/restaurant atmosphere, things will get broken. If they’re not, you’re probably not busy enough! But it’s important to know that with Beer Tubes, you have the option of simply replacing the parts you need over time.


The Beer Tubes Guys

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