Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispenser A Natural Fit for Beer Tubes

Working in the beer business, we get to see lots of cool things that have to do with beer. But this one was so cool, that we even developed our Beer Tube to work with it. To see what we’re talking about, click here.

Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensers® are making their way into the bar and restaurant industry. And in the competitive bar and restaurant market, smart retailers set themselves apart from their competition with things that are noticeable, memorable and functional–all while being profitable. Bottoms Up dispensers accomplish all of these things. And it’s so cool, you’ll be asking “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispenser Filling a Beer Tube!

With the Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispenser® you will waste less beer. And decreasing waste means increasing profits. Hands-free filling eliminates excessive spillage and reduces foam caused by bad pouring practices and/or inefficient equipment that can be typical of standard draft systems. Customers have reported that their average keg yield has gone from around 70-some percent to over 90% utilizing the Bottoms Up dispensing system! That’s significantly more beer that can be sold–on every keg! Do we need to repeat that? Reduce waste. Increase keg yield. Make more money.

And as the video demonstrates, the magnet used to cover the hole on the bottom of the serving vessel (whether a cup, glass or Beer Tube) provides another opportunity for bar owners. Selling advertising space on the magnets of Bottoms Up Cups® offers an additional revenue opportunity (not a bad thing, right?).

And remember what we said about adding Beer Tubes to the mix? This technology is not only cool, but it’s also incredibly functional–allowing for hands-free, spill-free filling of a Beer Tube. Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensers are a perfect way to fill the specially designed Bottoms Up Beer Tube. Combining the coolest way to dispense draft beer with the coolest way to serve it–all while increasing profits–will make any bar/restaurant owner happy.


The Beer Tubes Guys

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