Broken Beer Tubes and Glassware Lead to Lost Profits

We found an interesting article on about broken glassware and how it can affect your business. There is nothing worse than the sound of broken glass or a bartender telling you about an out-of-service beer tower or draft tower. Everything you pay for in your bar or restaurant affects your bottom line. Staff production levels, food/liquor costs, plates/glassware–all of these are areas that can potentially be losing money. Loss can come in many forms including: draft beer dispensers not being properly serviced and pouring inefficiently, an inefficient kitchen creating excess food waste, and excess breakage in your glassware.

If broken barware is costing you money, specifically when it comes to table top beverage dispensers, then we can help. Our experience in the table top beer tower market has allowed us to develop a high-end, low maintenance dispenser that “stays in the game” and reduces or eliminates an out-of-service beer tower. In addition, we offer replacement parts (all of which are interchangeable with any Beer Tube) that afford you the option of only replacing pieces that need it…and not the entire unit.

Our Beer Tubes are made from the highest quality 3mm-thick, heavy-duty, BPA-free, Eastman Tritan co-polyester making our products the most durable beer towers in the market. We choose this high-grade material to ensure our Beer Tubes are in it for the long haul, so YOU can trust that our product keeps your profits where they belong … in your pocket and not in the trash can.

In terms of glassware, it never hurts to take inventory of how much glassware you go through in a year. Simple steps to examine your procedures and type of glasses, plates, barware and beer towers you use can make a major difference in your profit. One step is the evolution of the same Eastman Tritan material we use in our Beer Tubes being applied to glassware. There are many companies that offer the same barware/glassware currently being used, but made from Eastman Tritan material that looks exactly like real glass. These products are a great new alternative for your bar/restaurant to reduce breakage and add profits to your bottom line.


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