Do Mom a Favor and Go Out and Enjoy a Beer Tube!

Mother’s Day weekend…a time to plant flowers, enjoy brunch with Mom (mimosas in a Beer Tube anyone?), and celebrate all the wonderful Mothers in our lives. But what is one of the best gifts you can give a Mom on their special day? GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND LEAVE THEM ALONE! At least for a while anyway. Sometimes Moms just want something as rare as a $39.3 million pink diamond…an hour or two of peace and quiet.

A Beer Tube can hold 100 ounces of ANY beverage!

So Beer Tubes’ recommendation for all of the Dads that are looking for ways to leave Mom alone for a couple of hours is to head to your favorite sports bar/restaurant and watch a golf tournament, baseball game, or even the NBA/NHL playoffs while enjoying a 100 ounce tower of beer with the other Dads. The point is, Mom will appreciate you getting out of the house for a while.

And if you have to take the kids, why not head to Dave & Busters (or any restaurant that affords you the opportunity to have lunch AND win some valuable prizes!) and enjoy a Tube filled with ice-cold lemonade? This equates to the very rare “Win-Win-Win” scenario for Mom, Dad and the Kids. And if your Mom/Wife likes sports…all the better! Take Mom with you and make it a day!

One suggestion we DON’T recommend is leaving the Beer Tube at home and letting Mom fill it with wine. Because while Beer Tubes aren’t just for beer, Mom vs. the 100 ounce “Vino Tube” could make for a very long Mother’s Day.

On a more serious note, we do wish all of the Mothers out there a very happy Mother’s Day. We couldn’t do it without you and appreciate everything you do for us.

Cheers (and Happy Mom’s Day!)

The Beer Tubes Guys


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