Beer Tubes Are Not Just for Beer

A Beer Tube is simply a beverage dispenser at heart and while it is certainly great for ice-cold draft beer, it can also be used for soft drinks, iced tea, mixed drinks, or any cold beverage you want your guests to enjoy! The Beer Tube is the next generation of the traditional pitcher, with the added benefit of a self-serve tap that allows guests to pour their own beverage while at the table. The Beer Tube base is left on the table and then the wait staff brings the tube filled with any beverage to the table and places it in the base. The only style of beverage that will not properly pour through the tap would be a frozen or slush/smoothie preparation.

In a variety of settings like family restaurants and bowling centers, a Beer Tube will appear on the menu as a “Drink Tube” filled with soft drinks for birthday parties and other youth activities or groups. On a bar menu, the Drink Tube could be a featured house specialty drink or traditional pitcher recipes like margaritas. There are many great recipes that can be found for mixed drinks in larger volumes that can become Drink Tube specials and promotional opportunities for groups of guests.

Just like with draft beer, these serving ideas will provide benefits to your staff with higher volume service opportunities and increased profits. As a reminder, many states, cities and counties have a maximum amount (in ounces) you may serve each guest at one time. Be sure to know and follow all local alcohol regulations regarding serving Beer Tubes.  Beer Tubes should be expected to fall under the same guidelines that exist in your local alcohol regulations for pitcher service.

Beer Tubes Are Not just for Beer

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