Table Top Beer Dispensers: A New Marketing Tool

You and some friends enter a bar to watch a football game and want beer from the tap. The waitress asked, "What will you have?" "Two pitchers, please. Whatever draft you have on special." The pitchers are delivered to the table…glasses are filled…and that's about it.

That was then…this is now. Beer Tubes table top beer dispensers are multi-functional. So, yes, while they do serve ice-cold draft beer, they also serve as a marketing tool that attracts attention and enhances the customer experience. Beer Tubes are a centerpiece that attract attention. They're also photo-friendly, providing a great opportunity for your customers to share their experience on social media.

Beer Tubes Football Design

The high-quality materials used in the Beer Tubes not only keep the beer cold longer, but the attention to detail on the base designs also provide an aesthetic element that demonstrates the overall product quality. Customers will appreciate how "cool" the product looks, as well as how it keeps their beer cold.

With multiple branding options on the Beer Tube, you can cater your message to an extremely captive audience. The base, tap handle, tube and lid can all be branded with logo stickers. Bar/restaurant logos and/or beer brands are common ways to brand the beer towers. And whenever a customer takes a picture of the Beer Tube and shares it with their friends, it's just another way to promote your bar (or your brand)!

And since Beer Tubes are so unique, they're the perfect thing to add to your advertising plan–including print ads, posters or even television spots. Utilizing a beer tower in your weekly specials is a great way to draw customers in to watch sporting events, share a cold beer with co-workers or gather for a pre- or post-game drink.

Remember, a Beer Tube can do much more than a traditional pitcher. Treat it like a marketing tool that also serves cold beer and you'll help drive profits from draft beer sales.


The Beer Tubes Guys

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