The Beer Tubes' Story

Here is the story of how the Beer Tube was born. Just two guys looking for a better way to enjoy a beer...

The Beer Tubes story starts in June of 2005 when, after a night of league bowling, we were enjoying a post-game beverage. It was a hot summer night and the once ice-cold draft beer was getting warm in the pitcher. Discussion quickly turned to ways for us to keep our beer colder, longer. We had seen the “tube” concept and liked the way the tubes kept beer cold from beginning to end. Then the idea of putting the tube in a bowling ball base came up and in a flash we knew we were on to something.

Now, we have been friends for almost 20 years since meeting in college, and we've had our share of ideas that were going to “revolutionize the world.” (Note: We still think the “bota glove” is still a viable idea. What better way to enjoy a baseball game than having a drink stashed in your glove?) However, the Beer Tube idea started getting immediate attention from friends, family and fellow league bowlers. An old bowling ball and some top-notch engineering produced our first prototype—and the reaction was overwhelming. We had a new twist on the perfect match of bowling and beer.

Over the years we gradually added new designs and accessories while continuing to improve the quality of our products. Now our bowling ball designs, as well as our other sports-themed bases, are patented and we are doing our best to spread the word about “the Beer Tubes Experience.” We've been privileged to work with some very smart, fun and interesting people along the way and truly enjoy helping our customers implement and maintain a profitable program using Beer Tubes.

Thank you for visiting our site and please feel free to email us with your questions and/or comments about the Beer Tube.

Jason & Dave

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