What is a Beer Tube?

A Beer Tube is a 100-plus ounce self-serve beverage dispenser that allows customers to fill their own glasses at the table. Tubes are filled at the bar, then taken to the table and placed in a customized base where a group of customers can enjoy an ice cold beverage.

All Beer Tubes consist of a simple three-part design of a tube, tap and base, all of which can be purchased separately. The interchangeable parts allow for efficiency in serving, cleaning and cost-effectively replacing parts to protect your investment. For bars and restaurants, Beer Tubes are the next generation of the traditional pitcher, with the added benefit of a “wow factor” that will enhance your customers' experience and drive draft sales.

The Industry Leader

Beer Tubes offers a number of Classic Designs to serve your needs with a variety of finishes that will match any theme or decor. Our patented Sports Designs are great for sports bars and restaurants, bowling and billiard centers, golf events, and even make great gifts for the ultimate sports fan. We also offer a complete line of accessories and replacement parts to compliment your Beer Tubes program, including cooling devices, cleaning items, and lighted lids.

Customization is one of the major elements that sets Beer Tubes apart from other table top dispensers. We can add any logo or theme to our dispensers to enhance the visual power of the Beer Tube. Customizing your Beer Tube is another way to enhance your brand and promote your business or event. Capture the free advertising and let everyone know where to find the “Beer Tubes Experience”…your place!

Beer Tubes are the table top beverage dispenser of choice for major breweries and restaurant chains and we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products in the market. We offer a full array of customization options and can help develop a sales and service program for multi-store chains and franchise groups.

We also provide on-going sales support and instructional videos to educate our customers on filling, chilling, serving and cleaning their Beer Tubes. Whether through our extensive website, monthly newsletters or meeting our customers in person—we serve as a valuable resource to effectively implement a Beer Tubes' program and maximize your investment.

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