Frequently Asked Questions

What Is That?

With Beer Tubes in your bar, you’ll hear this a lot. Beer Tubes are the next generation of the traditional pitcher, with the added benefit of a self-serve tap that allows guests to pour their own beverage while at the table. The Beer Tube base is left on the table and then the wait staff brings the filled tube to the table and places it in the base. Remember, a Beer Tube is a beverage dispenser at heart. While it is certainly great for ice-cold draft beer, it can also be used for soft drinks, iced tea, mixed drinks, or any cold beverage you want your guests to enjoy!

How Does It Work?

You fill a Beer Tube straight from the tap, just like a pint glass or pitcher. Just remove the lid and put the tube directly under the tap. It is important to tilt the tube at the appropriate angle to avoid unnecessary foam. For other beverages besides beer, simply pour in the desired amount with or without ice. 

For a video on how to properly fill a Beer Tube, please click here.

How Does It Stay Cold?

Without a doubt this is our MOST frequently asked question. The Beer Tube is made of high-density 3mm co-polyester material that naturally insulates the beverage. If additional cooling is desired (i.e. if served outdoors and/or if your guests are drinking the contents over a long period of time), we offer additional cooling options. One is a stainless steel ice tube that can be filled with crushed ice and inserted into the tube. The other is called The Chill Stick, which is a re-freezable 6-inch stainless steel tube that is placed in the freezer, then dropped into the tube as needed. Both options are designed to increase the cooling capacity of the tube.

Videos showing how to use the cooling products can be found here.

Size Matters – For More Profit.

A standard Beer Tube holds up to 100 oz. (compared to 64 oz. with a traditional pitcher), with some additional room at the top. The optional stainless steel ice tube will displace approximately 20 oz. when placed inside the tube and The Chill Stick cooling device will displace approximately 8 oz. Beer Tubes allow you to better serve groups and increase the amount of time (and money) they spend in your bar.

Tube Modularity.

Each Beer Tube is comprised of 4 basic pieces – a base, tap, tube and lid so if over time something needs to be replaced, or you want to buy extra parts, you can do so without having to purchase a complete unit. All of our taps are designed to fit all of our tubes, and all tubes will fit all bases. The interchangeable parts allow for efficiency in serving, cleaning and replacing damaged pieces.

Tube Maintenance.

Cleaning your Beer Tubes are as easy as cleaning any glassware in your bar or restaurant. The inside of the tube and tap can be cleaned with your current cleaning solution. To insure that your tubes are always sparkling clean and your beverages always taste fresh, we offer a Cleaning Brush, specially formulated Cleaning Powder and a Drying Rack. The exterior of the tube, as well as all versions of bases, can be cleaned with a general household cleaner and/or soap and water.  For instructional videos on how to clean a Beer Tube, click here.

What About “Tube-Napping”?

Our products are very desirable and you have made a valuable investment by adding Beer Tubes to your line-up. We recommend that you secure a driver’s license and/or credit card from your guests while the product is in use to avoid theft or damage. Current customers indicate that this policy works well to protect their investment.

Serving Guidelines.

Many states, cities and counties have a maximum amount (in ounces) you may serve each guest at one time. Be sure to know and follow all local alcohol regulations regarding serving Beer Tubes. Beer Tubes are simply beverage dispensers – like pitchers. They should be expected to fall under the same guidelines that exist in your local alcohol regulations for pitcher service.

For additional serving information, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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