How to Keep a Beer Tube Cold

What is a Chill Stick?

  • The Chill Stick is a re-freezable cooling device that can be used with any style of Beer Tube.
  • The Chill Stick can be used with any beverage and should be thoroughly cleaned after each use.
  • For optimum cooling, the Chill Stick should be placed in a freezer for at least one hour prior to use.
  • For the best results, The Chill Stick should be cleaned and re-frozen after each use.
How to use a Chill Stick in a Beer Tube
  • Fill the tube first, then add the Chill Stick.
  • Simply place the Chill Stick inside the full Beer Tube by sliding it down the inside of the tube.
  • It is best to hold the tube at a slight angle when inserting the Chill Stick, this will allow it to slide gently down and avoid damage to the tube or Chill Stick and/or excess foam.
  • To clean, simply wash the Chill Stick with soap and water, rinse and then dry before placing in the freezer.
  • To store the Chill Stick, we recommend the Chill Stick Rack, which can hold up to six Chill Sticks and includes plastic tongs that provide a sanitary and convenient way to place them into the Beer Tube.   The Chill Stick Rack can also be used as a drying rack when cleaning the Chill Sticks.
Chill Stick Instructions

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