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Customization Options for a Beer Tube

Customizing your Beer Tubes is a great way to extend your marketing message and add even greater value to your investment.  Tubes with your logo are bound to show up in photos on social media posts and will help guide friends of guests your way.

For most of the sports bases, a logo plate with a sticker is applied to the flat front part of the base.  Some sports bases (football, football helmets and hockey helmets) do not use the logo plate, but can be customized with logo stickers.

For conic bases there are two options.  One is to simply apply a logo sticker to the base, and the other is a full wrap that goes completely around the base.

Along with their own logos, many establishments include their website, Facebook page and even QR codes into the design so guests can easily be guided to information and/or promotions.

The Beer Tube lid can also be customized by adding logo stickers to the two-sided medallion lid (available on both the Tall Tube and Super Tube versions).  In addition, the Standard Tap handle can be customized with a sticker.

Pricing for customization is based upon the number of branding locations and the quantity ordered.  Full color logos are included, however there may be a charge for art and design services.  Blank logo plates and medallion lids may be ordered separately to customize your own Beer Tubes.

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