How to Clean a Beer Tube

Cleaning the Beer Tube is a quick and simple process that can be done in about a minute. After removing the tube from the base:

  1. Partially fill the tube with warm water. 
    Note: Always remove the tube from the base before cleaning. The base can be cleaned separately with any general, non-abrasive household cleaner and/or soap and water. Remember to twist the tube when removing from the base.

  2. Add detergent and put the tube lid on. Shake the tube for about ten seconds and then run a small amount of the soapy water through the tap. Once initial shake and rinse is complete, empty the tube.
    Note: It is recommended to add at least 10oz. of the soap and water solution to thoroughly coat the tube interior OR Beer Tubes now offers a specially formulated Cleaning Powder to use in place of your detergent. 

  3. We offer an optional 36-inch brush that can be used to scrub the inside of the tube.
    Note: The tip of the cleaning brush can also be used to clean the tube where the tap connects and also the tap itself.

  4. Pour out the soapy water and fill the tube with clean water. Put the lid back on and shake the tube again for about 10 seconds. Run a small amount of clean water through the tap then pour the remaining water out of the top of the tube. It’s that simple!

Final Notes: To ensure a thorough drying process, if you are not using a Drying Rack, be sure to leave the cap off to allow air to properly ventilate while drying upside down at a slight lean keeping the opening uncovered. Taps should also be removed and cleaned periodically using the soap and water or cleaning powder solution. Important Note: Cleaning this product in a commercial dishwasher may cause damage to the product as the extreme temperature of the heating element in commercial dishwashers may cause parts of the Beer Tube to become damaged.

How to Clean a Beer Tube Instructions

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